I am a California native, & a true San Franciscan. My inspiration comes from the unique details I see throughout my day in the city. I believe we are surrounded by opportunity, & it is set in motion through inspiration & innovation.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA  –  Graduated 2010


Design-Proficient at vendor resourcing, Hand sketch & rendering, Detailed flat sketching, Visual research, Concept building, Excellent with color   

3-D-Excellent at draping & Sewing, Able to work with millinery materials, Proficient at hardware application, Sharp understanding of how to work with leather

Mac Skills-Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, Excel 


Costume Design Assistant– (2007-present)

Henry IV, The Secret Garden, Dr. Faustus, Tales of Hoffman

Worked closely with designer collaborating material for shows, contributed to the selection of fabric & matching color palettes, built entire cast’s wardrobe, (including dresses, breeches, corsets, armor, shoe décor & embellishment), sought out unique items necessary for production, ordered various supplies, last minute alterations, frequent shoulder massages when designer needed help calming down.

Assistant Designer at Guevarra Arcega- (1.2011-7.2011)

Worked closely with designer on production and fit for current collection, made samples, adjusted patterns, styling for runway shows, assisted during photo shoots & anything else Heather needed. J

Freelance & Other Things I’ve Done

Custom design & production of employee uniforms for Hotel Vitale (2.2007)

Couture designer at San Francisco Fashion Week (8.2011)

Custom designed dress for San Francisco Black & White Ball (5.2012)


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