Hi, I’m Jackee Princeau. If you are reading this now, it’s because you would like to get to know me better, or are writing a paper on the 10 most influential designers in the history of the universe.  As much as I hate writing about myself, I am going to take you on a little literary ride I like to call “My Life; So Far…”

I’m a San Jose native and the eldest of 4 gregarious siblings; needless to say, my survival skills are on point. Since I never wanted to burden my hard-working parents with having to provide me with the useless crap I desired (corduroy wallet with belt loop chain anyone?), I entered the workforce as a cactus greenhouse keeper’s assistant so I could buy clothes…at age 14. I got a taste of what it was like to buy what I wanted without having to ask, and have been working my ass off ever since. After high school, I studied criminal justice, child development, nutritional science and fashion design.  I just couldn’t decide on one field since so many things caught my interest. Finally, I decided to go to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco after being persuaded by a close friend that the bouncing around in college needed to stop. The survival skills I learned as a kid, and the determination I had as a teen came into hand, as I had to tend bar at 3 locations, just to be able to put myself through school and make ends meet. Working 3 jobs while going to school full-time wasn’t pretty, but it was a character building experience, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

People always tell me that I have balls of steel, and I’m confident that my final year in college is partly responsible for that.  After many sleepless nights and thousands of dollars later, my senior collection was cut from the spring show leaving me with a feeling of defeat. I humbly graduated with my classmates in May 2010, and watched my best friend from college move to Paris to study abroad.  A year later, (with many freelance jobs under my belt), I spruced up that senior collection and used it in the San Francisco Fashion Week couture show. The collection was well received, and my confidence was restored. I immediately began production on the pieces that were most popular, and distributed them to local San Francisco boutiques.  Now, I work tirelessly to build my business while keeping those bartending jobs and selling cheese plates on the side to fund my fashion career.  I have a small design studio in the Mission district of San Francisco, and let me tell you…what a gem.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. I will leave you with a few more useless facts that I couldn’t figure out how to tie into my bio below.  J




5 more things you probably didn’t know about Jackee Princeau:

1.) My travels include: driving across country in a Jeep to see all of America’s glory, a Spanish immersion program in Tepotzlan, Mexico where I lived with a host family for a summer, New York during Christmas, and once in August, Costa Rica, Cancun, London, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Paris. (My favorite part was the Louvre). And finally, following a boy out to Scottsdale, Arizona and returning home 6 months later.  I often look back on my adventures and find design inspiration in all the beautiful places I have been.

2.) I have a dog named Cricket that has a fake eye and a huge shark bite scar on his belly. I’ve spent more money on his medical bills than I ever would on myself, but I’m fine with it cause he’s so damn cute. He was the inspiration for the doggie t-shirt company that I never started, but am still hoping to once I discover how to get 8 more hours out of the day.

3.) After entering a molded leather costume in the World of Wearable Art contest in New Zealand, I was hooked on working with leather. It’s a love/hate relationship with leather and me, but I always come back for more.

4.) My favorite food is ice cream and if there were ever a need to get back on my good side, this would be the secret weapon.

5.) My religion is Good Karma, and I live by it religiously. To burn a bridge in my book is blasphemy, since you never know who you will need to count on later in life.


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